A brief idea about modern kitchen splashbacks

A research conducted by National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests that Americans are going to spend $31.2 billion this year for remodelling 1.8 million kitchens along with 2.5 million bathrooms. With this current drift, the place of all-white kitchens that had an immense popularity has been taken away by dynamically designed kitchens that include everything from natural materials to organic hues to exciting fixtures along with interesting glass splashbacks Brighton shops sell. While the trend of a sole white kitchen has gone, a new fashion of including all colours and textures along with a crystal glass splashback has set in.

A glass splashback is not only beneficial in aiding to protect the substrate of the kitchen walls from damping, but also adds a visual treat to the kitchen space. But before you select a splashback for your kitchen, you should be considerate about a few aspects:

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Weigh your pocket: It is important to have a practical budget when you are willing to remodel your kitchen and buy the glass splashbacks Brighton market has today. It is recommended to alter the style of the kitchen if you feel that your present kitchen decor is not inviting a new glass splashback. Though splashbacks made of traditional materials are quite cheaper, yet you should go for a glass one in order to keep in sync with the latest trends.

Take a look at the design aesthetics: Before you jump on to buy the glass splashbacks in Brighton, it is important to decide what kind of look you want your kitchen to adorn. The kitchen is the centre of your household, and therefore, it should carry the theme of your interior decor.  So you will have to find out whether a clean contemporary look or a warm rustic colour scheme suits your kitchen.

Will you manage to clean and maintain it: This is a very important consideration because unclean glass splashbacks will damage the entire look of your kitchen. In case you have a very busy daily schedule, you must settle for glass ones as they are easier to manage when compared to stainless steel ones.

Various types of glass splashbacks Brighton shops sell

Once you have decided your budget, cleaning expectations and design aesthetics, you may pay attention to various types of Brighton glass splashbacks available today. Glass splashbacks are highly coveted due to their colour friendliness.

Generally, two colour schemes are easily available, namely, ceramic frit in which the shade is screen printed over the tough glass,  and then it is baked to make it tougher and durable. The other option is two-pack urethane where the urethane treatment is painted over the toughened glass block and then baked or air dried.

 Though the ceramic frit cannot offer you a wide choice and is not always opaque, you can opt for the urethane treated glass splashback while in search for a particular colour texture. Once you have determined which type of splashback will be ideal for your kitchen, you shall have to find a reputed seller who offers cheap glass splashbacks in Brighton.

The glass splashbacks are very suitable for installing sinks in the cooking area, or if your pocket permits, then in the entire kitchen. It helps your kitchen to appear much bigger and brighter owing to the increased refractive index that reflects lights. Not only that, these splashbacks are very easy to clean and maintain because they do not have any grouts like tiles or ceramic splashbacks. Therefore, judging from all these aspects, a glass splashback is one of the worthy investments that your kitchen deserves.

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