Why stainless steel fabrication matter in the food industry

Stainless steel plays a vital role in the food industry. If you check out the website http://blvengineering.com.au/, you will see how vital metal fabrication, commercial engineering & design are to this particular sector.

If you plan to start a business related to food, you’re going to need the expertise of metal fabricators.

But why steel?

Because it provides the industry with a wide variety of advantages for food manufacturing capabilities.

  • Heat resistant and sturdy
  • Withstand shock, abrasion and fire
  • Prevent food contamination and maintain freshness
  • Resistant to food items that are spicy and have strong colouring agents
  • Resistant to chemical wash downs and other detergents
  • Has excellent cryogenic properties
  • Easier to form and shape

Because of these, steel has several applications in the food industry and has provided support for infrastructure and production needs.

As a food storage unit

Steel has many properties that make it suitable for storing ingredients and cooked products. It is resistant to heat but also has excellent cooling properties. Place a hot plate on top of a steel surface and it won’t melt. It promotes cooling at the same time. Click here BLV Engineering

Moreover, steel is easy to form into different shapes, highly durable, and highly resistant to chemicals. This makes the material safe from any factors that may compromise it and the food stored.

As a material for fabricating food processing machinery

If you check out images on the homepage of http://blvengineering.com.au/, one of the first things you’ll see is a storage unit made entirely of steel.

Given the properties of the material, however, it is not the only thing that can be created. It is also used to create conveyor systems, industrial ovens, cutting equipment, food mixers, and packaging systems.

Steel enables the machines to withstand the rigours of daily use and deliver a large volume of quality products at a steady and interrupted production pace. This results in efficient food processing.

As a solution to leaks and contamination

Square or round tubing used in food processing equipment increases the possibility of contamination and leaks in the tube’s inner walls. So the new trend is to create stainless steel products for food and beverage processing that use beams and channels instead of tubing. Because steel is easier to shape and work with, beams can be made in different sizes, angles, channels or tees.

Not all types of stainless steel, however, is food-grade or suited for the food industry.

The best material for food processing equipment

  • 304 (austenitic) is highly resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for creating machinery parts, food vats, bowls, and pipework.
  • 316 (austenitic) can withstand food with corrosive properties, such as food with high salt content.
  • 1.4539 (austenitic) best used for materials that often come in contact with hot brine and corrosive salty food.
  • 420 (martensitic) is used to create cutlery and other professional-grade cutting materials.
  • 430 (ferritic) can withstand moderately corrosive food items and often used for table surfaces, cladding equipment, and machine panels.
  • 1.4462 (duplex) can withstand twice as much corrosion as austenitic steel and won’t crack under high temperatures.

As for boilers, steam heating, and hot circuits, the stainless steel used is 6% Mo. Types (austenitic) because of its resistance to corrosive food, high temperatures, and cracking due to excessive amounts of stress.

Key takeaway

Stainless steel is vital to the food industry, but not any steel will do. To get the most out of it, consult with experts on food-grade steel if you want to be part of the business. Visit the website http://blvengineering.com.au/ to get you started.

The Business Implications of Advocating Health Safety and Surveillance for Miners

With the high-risk nature of the mining industry, it’s but right for mining site operators to promote the wellbeing of miners. This is the reason availing of mine workers health surveillance services is a must. Personal safety aside, taking advantage of this service also offers a lot of benefits that will help the business grow and achieve new heights. Specifically, here are the five perks your company will enjoy with consistent health surveillance service:

  1. Better performance level

The physically demanding mining work requires your team to be on top of their health. By hiring an occupational doctor to assess your employees’ health, you can help them achieve this goal. Employees who are at the peak of their health also show more enthusiasm in their work. In the long run, this will translate into better quality and speed of work.

  1. Better employee retention rate

Promoting health and safety on site through mine workers health surveillance services also boosts the morale of employees. And once they feel happy and safe at work, they’ll stay with the company for a long time. Pair that up with an attractive compensation package, and you’re sure to keep a winning team together. In the business perspective, this means you won’t need to spend more resources to hire and train new employees.

  1. Lower the risk of work-related injuries

It can’t be denied that accidents at work are common in mining sites. But these work-related injuries can actually be prevented by implementing the right safety measures. By availing of health surveillance services from coal board medical professionals, you’ll know who among your employees have existing health conditions. With this info, you can help them address their problems, protect them on site, and keep them away from situations that will trigger their health issues. Check it out at Resile

  1. Avoid legal and insurance cost for liabilities due to work-related injuries

Reducing your site’s work-related injuries also means you won’t have to spend on liabilities due to accidents at work. Remember that you’re required to compensate employees for any injuries they sustained at work. And this could drain your budget, depending on the gravity of the injury. Financial obligation aside, you could also face legal complaints if you’re found negligent about your team’s safety.

  1. Lower the team’s sick leaves and absences

Lastly, availing of mine workers health surveillance services gives you insights about your team’s health status. Address them accordingly, and you’ll notice a significant drop in their sick leave applications and tardiness. If they’re always present at work with the right motivation, they’ll get more things done.

Managing a mining site is a challenging endeavour. But the good thing is you won’t have to do everything alone. There are always experts and even government agencies to guide you. You can rely on a legal assistant to handle your documents. You can delegate the HR tasks to a professional. And you might like to consider the services of a health physician from Resile to handle your miner’s health safety and surveillance. The bottom line for all these partnerships is to maintain your profit and productivity without compromising your team on the site.

Advantages of Asphalt Over Driveway Pavers

If you are about to install a driveway for your home, there are many decisions you will have to make. The most important decision would have to be the type of material you are going to use. Since the driveway is going to be a prominent feature in your home’s landscape, you need to think through this decision. Asphalt is one of the top choices in the market and there are several reasons why it is recommended by professionals over driveway pavers.



To help you make the decision whether to hire residential asphalt services Melbourne has to offer, it is important to look at its advantages over pavers.

Characteristics and Features

The main reason behind the popularity of using asphalt for residential driveways is due to its durability. Indeed, it is highly durable for its price. The coloration of asphalt on your driveway is another important feature. The material gives your driveway that deep black color that is simple but sophisticated. It can also work with a wide range of color schemes for your home. Meanwhile, new styles of asphalt materials are now being introduced into the market. New asphalt materials now come imprinted with a design to make them aesthetically pleasing.

Meanwhile, pavers are available in a wide range of colors and styles. The aesthetic benefit will vary depending on the style and color you choose. It is, however, a great choice if you want to showcase your personality with the look of your driveway.


This is another important aspect to look into when deciding on what material to use on your driveway. This is where asphalt gets more edge over pavers. The former is weather-resistant; therefore, it can last for several years. The only downside is that asphalt can absorb heat; hence, it might be hotter to the touch during the summer months.

With an asphalt Melbourne specialist and proper installation, you can expect asphalt driveways to last for decades. It is, therefore, a good investment for homeowners who want to save on home renovation projects on their driveway.

When it comes to using pavers, they are also equally durable. However, since they are attached to your driveway as individual pieces, they could be prone to breakage after only a few years.

How to Choose

When deciding whether to use pavers or asphalt driveway, base it upon your desired style. Each of these materials can create a different look for your driveway; hence, choose accordingly. Pavers are a bit more expensive though since you have to purchase it per piece. Pavers also fluctuate in terms of cost since it varies based on the design and style of pavers you use, as well as the number of pavers required on your driveway.

If you want a more cost-efficient option that does not compromise quality and durability, asphalt is the way to go! Make sure you select a quality installer such as Nelson Asphalting to ensure that you can get the most out of the material when used on your driveway. They can give you value for money and high-quality results. For more details, just visit HTTP://WWW.ASPHALTMELBOURNE.COM.AU

Choosing the right office furniture

For typical office workers, a very big percentage of their time is spent either sitting on a chair or behind a desk. An office should not make you feel bored and tired but instead inspire you to work even after long hours. Therefore, a lot of considerations are taken when deciding on office furniture as it’s among the key aspects of an office appearance as well as employee’s well being. Australian market research expects the furniture industry to post an annualized revenue growth of 1.3% over the five years through 2016-2017. This article will guide you on the main factors to consider when choosing furniture for your office.


Finding an office that suits your business and decorating it to your needs and taste is not cheap. It’s a start up investment that needs financing. You will be required to use your finances wisely according to your budget. Thus before buying office furniture know how much it costs and also the number of chairs or tables or any other furniture you require and ensure you make fair choices without compromising on the quality. If you want to save you can check out second hand furniture which will require you to do research on which thrift shops offer slightly used furniture at fair prices.


The type of office furniture you use is highly determined by the type of business you are running. If in your office, the employees spend most of their time sitting, they will require comfortable chairs, and a desk is a must. In addition, if you want your office atmosphere to be in such a way that the employees can communicate freely, what you need is both huge tables and a few chairs or cubicles for a formal feel. Your decision goes a long way in making your office offer a conducive work environment.

Flexibility and functionality

 You should know what functions you require your furniture to serve and what level of flexibility you require. For example, a chair should be comfortable and a desk should have an allowance for you to stretch your legs, and if it has drawers for storage, the better. When choosing the furniture for your office remember that furniture with multiple functionalities is always a better option. A balance between functionality and low cost is very advantageous.

Size and aesthetic value

You should purchase furniture that is proportionate to your office space as bulky ones consume a lot of space giving your employees less room to move around in. Know the size of your office and its dimensions before the purchase and remember your employees’ comfort. In addition, you should get furniture that adds beauty to the appearance of your office. Find something that gives your office life and creativity, while playing with bold colours if you want an energetic atmosphere and tone down on the multiple of colours to achieve a tranquil environment.

All the above points will guide you into choosing furniture that will make your office have heaven on earth feel.

Top Bugaboo stroller models that serve to be a blessing for busy mothers

When Bugaboo strollers made a debut in 1999, their overwhelming success gave birth to a fresh and modern niche to the present world of baby and toddler materials for stylish opulence at premium prices. There was nothing else that matched its style and performance as this sporty pushchair was a brainchild of an art student. There was nothing that appeared cheap or plasticky in it, but the strollers were lightweight and their aerodynamics was matchless and these things contributed to the worldwide fame of these strollers.

Bugaboo Strollers

Top and trending Bugaboo pushchair models:

Bugaboo strollers are designed for parents whose lives are preoccupied with a heavy workload. The models that are available today are heavily improved and modified with best in class features and some of them include –

Bugaboo Donkey duo extension set: With this new version of Bugaboo Donkey stroller, you can convert it into twin or duo stroller seamlessly with the extension set. You can carry twin babies in these South Nowra Bugaboo strollers where your babies can interact side by side while you push the stroller through the busy roads. The top features of this stroller include artificial leather handlebar along with a carrying handle that proffers a functional and elegant look. This Donkey Weekender comes in a refined pinstriped outer fabric with beautiful fake leather pattern on the sun protection canopy and the seat can be easily converted to a bassinet and vice versa. The stroller also includes matching mats and detachable side baggage that can be expanded to carry more baby essentials.

Bugaboo Buffalo stroller: Like all other Bugaboo strollers in South Nowra, this model is also known for its elegant design, smooth ride and high performance. Crafted purposely for an all-terrain riding, the Bugaboo Buffalo deserves to be discovered by parents of young babies. The stroller offers such a smooth ride that your baby would feel at home even on the roughest terrains. You can store up to 16 kg of weight in the spacious luggage and the seat can carry weight up to 23 kg. You can also make use of its extendable sun canopy for keeping your child safe in harsh weather conditions.

Bugaboo Runner complete: One of the best Bugaboo strollers, this one is a premium quality jogging stroller that allows for its own seat. The seat is reversible and reclinable to three positions and the wheels are of 16 inches with tracking control power given on the front wheel. The wheels are specially designed to keep off the flying debris from sticking to it. The brake is placed on the handlebar which can be easily accessed for controlling the speed and stop when required. This stroller is extremely lightweight which can be easily stored anywhere and carried in a car. It is also equipped with an under-seat basket that can take care of all your baby essentials.

With the cheap bugaboo strollers in South Nowra, you can carry your baby in a breeze. Each of these strollers is ergonomically designed so that pushing through the streets requires no extra pressure and it doesn’t interfere with your baby’s activity regardless of the terrain through which you are walking. With these strollers, you can enjoy the freedom to move very quickly without even a slightest compromise on your baby’s safety. For more details, just visit HTTPS://ABABY.COM.AU/COLLECTIONS/BUGABOO-STROLLERS.

Do’s and Don’ts for a House Demolition Project

Demolition is not only done in commercial buildings but also in a residential setting. In fact, many homeowners opt to have their old house demolished rather than refinish it. A number of factors are taken into account before deciding to tap professionals for house demolishing QLD has to offer. One of them is safety. Some houses are too old and the overall integrity of the structure is simply too dangerous to risk living in. Hence, homeowners opt to have them demolished in order to build a new home.

house demolishing QLD

When you decide to undergo house demolishing in QLD, you need to abide by a few list of do’s and don’ts. You need to keep these guidelines in mind at all times to ensure your safety and to minimize collateral damage.


• DO try to appease your neighbors. A demolition job is going to be dirty, nice and a lot of hassle for you, the homeowners, and the neighbors. Hence, you want to be extra nice to your neighbors during this time as you are causing disruption to your home life, as well as theirs.

• DO obtain a permit. This is important to ensure that you abide by the rules for QLD house demolishing projects. The local government assigned in releasing permits might also perform a check on your property and the tools you will be using for the demolition. Hence, it is important that you hire a professional to do it or you won’t even be allowed or assigned a permit.

• DO listen to what the contractors have to say. The contractor you hire for house demolishing QLD has to offer has massive experience when it comes to this type of activity. Therefore, pay attention to what they have to say when they require you to get some things done.

• DO set aside about 10% of your budget for contingency measures. When doing any projects at home, you will almost always exceed your projected budget. Therefore, it is smart to allot 10% of your budget just in case something goes wrong and you need to cover additional expenses.


• DO NOT try to do it yourself. Home demolition isn’t the same as your DIY projects at home. It is a large scale work that requires heavy equipment to get done. If you think you can handle it, you are clearly mistaken and delusional.

• DO NOT live in the house during the demolition. Aside from it is basically impossible to do so, you will also slow down the workers from getting their job done. It is best to find a temporary shelter for your entire family while the demolition is ongoing. The dirt and dust that it will cause can also be threatening to the health of the kids and your family.

• DO NOT throw away everything! You will be surprised to see that a lot of the items that are left behind following the work by professional house demolishing QLD team can be re-used. Hence, you need to be patient when going through each of them since they can be utilized when you re-build a new home.