Five Stages of RTO Setup

Every Registered Training Organization must go through five distinct stages including planning, preparation, application, audit, and registration. While it is possible to do an RTO setup alone, it is often advisable to involve an expert for support. Professional advice is necessary to ensure a smooth transition and implementation of the stages involved.

Each stage of RTO setup has its components as follows:

Planning and research

In the planning and research stage, you should address a number of questions, whose answers are important in establishing a credible RTO. Some of the areas that you need to address:

·         Your strategic business goals

·         The industries and specialty you target

·         The markets and students you target

·         The source of your staff

·         Assurance of quality training and assessment

These areas and others are important for NSW RTO setup. Other areas that you need to check at this stage include your business model, capital, and resources.


At the preparation stage, the decision to start an RTO is already in place. All the documents relevant to the operation of RTOs in NSW should be in place as well. A registered RTO auditor inspects your documents and decides whether you should proceed to the next level. Involving an expert can help you in areas like drafting a business. Some of the areas you need to address in this area include:

·         Qualifications and courses to deliver

·         Assessment materials to use

·         Trainers and assessors

·         Recruitment of RTO CEO

·         Your knowledge of starting an RTO in NSW

·         Course delivery

·         Fees charging and collection

·         Quality assurance systems

At this stage, an RTO expert can help you map out how each of the mentioned components rolls out in action.

Application stage

When you are ready with everything, it is time to take the application for registration. The registration authorities may require you to include specific documents in your application. The application goes through verification and if it is considered complete, you book an audit. The audit can happen between four weeks and six months after booking. This however, varies from one registering body to another. Visit various websites to acquaint yourself with necessary knowledge about RTO setup. The information should be state-specific. For example, residents in NSW should find RTO setup in NSW.

Audit stage

The RTO audit can take place between one and three days, based on the size of the organization. The auditors assess your training materials and resources as well as other requirements. After the audit, you get a report of the outcome, which states whether your organization can be registered. The audit team also reserves the right to correct any error in the application. See more at Vivacity Coaching

Registration stage

If your application complies with the regulations, you will get a response from the registering organization. You will get a letter, which enables you to operate as a reliable Registered Training organization. Once you get the go-ahead that you are registered, you will get your registration number, and you can start the enrollment into your organization. For more details, just visit

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