How to Prepare for Your First Restaurant Expansion

Your restaurant was a real success, and your next goal now is to expand it with just as much success if not more. Unlike the first time you opened your establishment, this new project comes with more challenge. From searching for a new trusted display fridge commercial provider to hiring more manpower, there’s just so much to do and worry about.


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This new endeavour will come with more challenges, but it’s not something that you cannot overcome. To give you a head-start with your preparations, here is a concise guide to restaurant expansion for first-timers.

Source and Stability of Funding

The source of your funds should be the first of your worries. How will you able to sustain all the expenses? These expenditures should include paperwork fees, costs of equipment, such as your new dairy display fridge, and maintenance costs.

You will have to spend, not just as you are setting up, but also when your new venture starts operating. You need to make sure that you are financially loaded for everything that this new project you have demands. And, you also have to consider that you won’t be getting back all your investment immediately. It takes time before you see your returns.

Location and Availability of Suppliers

If your expansion is not in the same location as your current one, say a new branch in the next city, you need to check if your suppliers are available in that area too. Consult them for the places they serve. What do you do if your current commercial fridge Adelaide supplier does not serve your next location? You can either talk it out with them and offer to pay additional charges, or you may just as well get a new contractor who can serve anywhere. Cold Solutions, for one, provides Australia-wide service.

You have to carefully pick out where you want your extension to be. Are there local suppliers available in case situations like the one mentioned above occurs? Is the extra cost your current one is charging reasonable and practical? You have to carefully weigh your options as you make decisions, be it when finding a display fridge commercial provider or local produce supplier.

Number of Additional Manpower

Last but definitely not the least of your concerns is the amount of manpower you need to hire. Just because you’re upsizing your restaurant doesn’t mean you need to double the size of your current employees. Observe and compute the efficiency of your team. Will they be able to perform well given the number you are considering to add? Organise the tasks to be done and start counting the available positions from there. How many line cooks do you need? How many staff members does it take to man the counter display fridge on the restaurant floor? Be practical with your additional manpower.

Preparing for a new restaurant expansion is no small deal. This is a big investment to make, and so you need to make sure that you take charge of your decisions. Whether it’s picking the display fridge commercial manufacturer or merchandise supplier, you always need to be smart in your choices. With that said, keep this simplified guide in mind to put you in the right perspective.

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