Maximizing on Fuel Savings in the Light and Medium Duty Trucks

Modern advances in the manufacturing technologies have ensured that the light trucks and the medium duty trucks are no longer the big polluters that they once were. Additionally, more trucks are being made that make use of the alternative fuels. In spite of these advances, almost all trucks being manufactured still run on the more mainstream fossil fuels. That means you will be grappling with the issues on how best to achieve fuel efficiency in your trucking business.

For many trucking companies, shifting to the alternative fuels or even the hybrid trucks is still not even an option due to the large upfront costs involved. As a result, many will likely be pursuing ways in which they can achieve better fuel economy in their trucks that run on gasoline or diesel. Here are simple tips on just how to achieve that in your light trucks:

Consider Downsizing in Order to Increase Your Savings

When it comes to reducing the fuel costs for your vehicles, you will need to take very deliberate steps in order to downsize your fleet. In order to achieve a fuel-efficient fleet, you will need to carefully invest in the light duty trucks that are more fuel efficient.

Truck experts insist that even acquiring a single fuel efficient vehicle will have a significant impact on your fleet’s fuel efficiency. When you are able to accomplish this on a larger scale, then the impact on the fleet fuel efficiency will be huge and you will be able to boost efficiency while saving big on your fuel costs.

Tailoring the Right Equipment for the Right Task

This is something that you can also do during the truck selection process in order to maximize on your fuel efficiency.  If your business is involved in construction, mining, moving furniture or vegetables, talk to your dealer in order to determine the truck model that will be most ideal for such applications.

Make adjustments on the shift points and top speeds

Driver behavior has a very huge impact on the fuel efficiency of the truck. High truck speeds and the jackrabbit stops along the way will lead to greater fuel consumptions. By regulating the driver behavior and seeking technical solutions to the overspeeding, it will be possible to make big savings on the fuel. To achieve this, it is important to partner with the OEMs as well as the fleet management companies so that these top speed and shift point settings are made when the vehicles roll out of the factories.

Get Precise Tire Pressure

Tire pressure plays an important part in making the vehicle more or less fuel efficient. If the tire is over-inflated or under-inflated, you can expect the vehicle to burn more fuel or cause safety issues respectively. It is therefore important to get the tire pressure for the light truck right all the time for your entire fleet. Make this part of the safety and fuel efficiency culture of your trucking company.

Today, some trucking companies are even manufacturing slow rolling low-resistance tires with which you can achieve better fuel efficiency.

The Cab Fairings

One of factors that may be consuming more fuel in your light trucks is the aerodynamic drag. In order to achieve better fuel efficiency in the light duty trucks for sale, you can install cab fairings made of fiberglass in order to streamline the truck. They will create a curved interface between the leading edge of the truck and the top part of the windshield thus leading to greater fuel efficiency.

With UD Trucks light truck sales, you will uncover more design features that make the light duty trucks really fuel efficient.

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