The Business Implications of Advocating Health Safety and Surveillance for Miners

With the high-risk nature of the mining industry, it’s but right for mining site operators to promote the wellbeing of miners. This is the reason availing of mine workers health surveillance services is a must. Personal safety aside, taking advantage of this service also offers a lot of benefits that will help the business grow and achieve new heights. Specifically, here are the five perks your company will enjoy with consistent health surveillance service:

  1. Better performance level

The physically demanding mining work requires your team to be on top of their health. By hiring an occupational doctor to assess your employees’ health, you can help them achieve this goal. Employees who are at the peak of their health also show more enthusiasm in their work. In the long run, this will translate into better quality and speed of work.

  1. Better employee retention rate

Promoting health and safety on site through mine workers health surveillance services also boosts the morale of employees. And once they feel happy and safe at work, they’ll stay with the company for a long time. Pair that up with an attractive compensation package, and you’re sure to keep a winning team together. In the business perspective, this means you won’t need to spend more resources to hire and train new employees.

  1. Lower the risk of work-related injuries

It can’t be denied that accidents at work are common in mining sites. But these work-related injuries can actually be prevented by implementing the right safety measures. By availing of health surveillance services from coal board medical professionals, you’ll know who among your employees have existing health conditions. With this info, you can help them address their problems, protect them on site, and keep them away from situations that will trigger their health issues. Check it out at Resile

  1. Avoid legal and insurance cost for liabilities due to work-related injuries

Reducing your site’s work-related injuries also means you won’t have to spend on liabilities due to accidents at work. Remember that you’re required to compensate employees for any injuries they sustained at work. And this could drain your budget, depending on the gravity of the injury. Financial obligation aside, you could also face legal complaints if you’re found negligent about your team’s safety.

  1. Lower the team’s sick leaves and absences

Lastly, availing of mine workers health surveillance services gives you insights about your team’s health status. Address them accordingly, and you’ll notice a significant drop in their sick leave applications and tardiness. If they’re always present at work with the right motivation, they’ll get more things done.

Managing a mining site is a challenging endeavour. But the good thing is you won’t have to do everything alone. There are always experts and even government agencies to guide you. You can rely on a legal assistant to handle your documents. You can delegate the HR tasks to a professional. And you might like to consider the services of a health physician from Resile to handle your miner’s health safety and surveillance. The bottom line for all these partnerships is to maintain your profit and productivity without compromising your team on the site.

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